Recently reopened after extensive refurbishing, The Hope Springs Waffle Warehouse is commited to providing a quality meal to the residents and vistors of Hope Springs at any hour, day or night.

Thursday mornings from midnight to 2 AM EST come for Waffle-Mania! All waffles and waffle plates are half price!

Waffle Warehouse Menu ((All prices are IC and no real chips are expected.))

Coffee, Tea, Milk, or Fruit Soda - 10 chips

Waffle - 50 chips

Waffle Plate (Includes waffle, eggs, bacon, and coffee) - 200 chips

Soup of the Day (Sporestew, Underborscht, Blood Rabbit Hassenpfeffer, Vegetarian Chili, Irish Stew) - 50 chips

Cold Cut Sandwich - 50 chips

Grilled Panini - 75 chips

The Waffle Warehouse is owned and operated by Deuce Sinclair. Sinclair also operates the popular Chuck Wagon service throughout the Grand Canyon, providing fresh soups and stews to residents and travellers at waystations across the province.