Name: Tee Van Cleef

Full Name: Takoda Van Cleef Jones

Spouse: Chickenhawk Jones

(Apparent/Estimated) Age: Approximately 30

Biological Origin: Clone derrived from the DNA of Takoda Tala (AKA Rowdy Warpath) and unnamed Cowboy, meant to be a vanity clone in the same wildwest series at Chris Westwood

Birthplace / Nationality / Clone Status : Presumed to be of some Native American ancestry via Takoda Tala, other DNA donor's ancestry is unmentioned.

Faction: C.H.O.T.A Clan: Legends of the Fall

Spec / Job / Role: Shaman and gunslinger, retired clan leader, wife and mother

Residence / Operates out of: Relocated to San Francisco in the midst of the plague.

Players Time Zone: PST

Main / Alt: Main

RP Status: Part time RPvP, currently retired

Origin / Backstory / Details / Need-to-Know: After awakening with a limited amount of information at her disposal, Tee tracked down the only other lead she had on her identity, Chris Westwood, and revived him. While on this mission, they discovered the dying body of a young Asian man and together worked to revive him, calling him Sassa Daisakka. They became companions and partners in the wastes, acting as guides and leaders to a band of variously telented individuals.

Out of desire to know more about her origins, she asked Westwood to purify her DNA, thus creating Rowdy Warpath.

After Angeleyes McQueen caught Sassa's eye, he splintered off to form Fall of the Legends with her. After much strife and deliberation, Tee sent Rowdy on the mission to become an Enforcer so that Sassa would be safe from Angel's corruption. After a terrible accident culminating with the attack on Old Boneclaw, Angel was killed only to be revived by Westwood for the sake of his adopted son's happiness. With her memories wiped, Tee watched as her adopted son fell in love with a pure and kind Angeleyes.

Once completely abandoned by her family, Tee began to experiement with darker forms of shamanism until Officer Christopher (C.J.) Jones came into her life and gave her a reason and purpose again.

With the Plague, internal struggles and various other influences detrementing Tee's rag-tag family, she suggested that they relocate together to the West coast. Some months after their departure, a postcard arrived at the NFPD suggesting that a pregnant Tee and her family had indeed safely arrived in San Francisco.


Tee and her husband, C.J. in San Francisco