Deuce Sinclair's Chuck Wagon is a travelling food service operated by Deuce Sinclair. It moves across the Grand Canyon province, stopping at waystations and providing meals of hot soups, stews, and chilis to the locals and travellers alike.

Chuck Wagon Menu (All prices are negotiable at the Chuck Wagon)

Stewed Veggies
Simple and Savory

Stewed Beef
Prime cuts of meat stewed into submission

Thick and creamy

A New Flagstaff Favorite!

Chili Con Carne
Ma's classic chili with fresh meat (type varies by season)

Vegetarian Chili
Ma's classic chili without the meat

Blood Rabbit Hassenpfeffer
Rich and spicy

Creeper Chowder
Thick, white chowder with tender wine braised creeper meat

Hot Pot Luck
Guaranteed fresh

Wild Game Stew
stewed vegetables, spices and local game

Chunky Pork Stew
A recipe from far off Blackridge. A delicious treat

Irish Stew
A taste of the "old country"