Sassa Daisakka

Name: Sassa Daisakka

Full Name: Sassa Daisakka

Spouse: Angeleyes Daisakka

(Apparent/Estimated) Age: 28

Biological Origin: Originally washed ashore to die in Tee Van Cleef's arms in Seattle. Cloned in 2157 by Chris Westwood .

Birthplace / Nationality / Clone Status : Presumably some type of law man from post apocalyptic Japan.

Faction: Neutral

Clan: Legends of the Fall

Spec / Job / Role: Former Sheriff of the New Flagstaff P.D., He is now devoted to his wife and two young children. He sits on the New San Francisco city council.

Residence / Operates out of: Relocated to San Francisco in the midst of the plague.

Players Time Zone: PST

Main / Alt: Main

RP Status: Part time RPvP, currently retired

Origin / Backstory / Details / Need-to-Know: Daisakka washed ashore in Seattle where he was found by Van Cleef and Westwood. A sample of his DNA was retrieved and he was brought back the following month in Arizona by the mutagenecist.

He had very few memories of his former life and could no longer recall his language. Throughout his new life in the North American wastes his closest companion was his adopted sister, Rowdy .

After meeting Angeleye's McQueen of The Fall, his outlook and beahiorism changed for a time, as if under her control. He was devastated at her death and even moreso at the implications that she was instrumental in master's attack on Boneclaw.

Once again, Westwood revived the young woman and wiped her history and memories. Now as the new and ambitious leader of Fall of the Legends, Sassa made it his purpose to protect and serve the ever ungrateful citizens of New Flagstaff. Together with his Co-Sheriff, Rowdy, they did their best to make New Flagstaff a safe place to live and work.

His wife's pregnancy coincided with the devastating plague and this made Sassa's mind up to leave it all behind for the benefit of his young family as well as those friends he honored and loved as family. He currently spends every free moment with his wife and twins while studying the Japanese language and earning much deserved rest between city council tasks.