Rowdy (Mutha Fuckin) Warpath

Name: Rowdy Warpath

Full Name: Takoda Tala Warpath (Westwood)

Spouse: Chris Westwood

(Apparent/Estimated) Age: 26

Biological Origin: Cloned in 2157 by Chris Westwood at Tee Van Cleef's insistance. She is the purified DNA of one of Tee's genetic donors.

Birthplace / Nationality / Clone Status : Born in a nomadic village in Montana in the later half of the 19th century. She is Pikuni Siksika.

Faction: Neutral

Clan: Legends of the Fall

Spec / Job / Role: Former Sheriff of the New Flagstaff P.D., She has reopened the Bunker of Blues in San Francisco with her husband, Westwood, and actualized her lifelong dream of running a successful saloon.

Residence / Operates out of: Relocated to San Francisco in the midst of the plague.

Players Time Zone: PST

Main / Alt: Main

RP Status: Part time RPvP, currently retired

Origin / Backstory / Details / Need-to-Know: Rowdy's first life came to a violent ending far too early. At the moment of her birth, her tribe came under attack by their enemy, The Crow. Her mother had been a sometime warrior of the tribe that surrendered her life in order to preserve Takoda Tala's. Due to these extreme circumstances, Takoda Tala was allowed to hunt and fight with the men of the tribe, but left in her teens to pursue her own dreams.

Before Takoda Tala was even twenty, she had hardened experience at being a drover, a bank robber and a cardshark. When she was nearly twenty three, on a trip back to visit her tribe, she came across a unit of soldiers torturing and killing a small band of Crow in Norther Montana. Takoda Tala killed the soldiers and spent the next three years of her life on the run from the law until finally caught and execused in Kansas City.

When Takoda was reborn as Rowdy, a name given to her by her adopted brother Sassa, she had difficulty committing to any ideals or factions. She spent time amongst the Lightbearers, Vista, Travelers and CHotA before being assigned by her War Chief to become an officer with the Badgers of New Flagstaff.

Though Rowdy despised this appointment, she quickly gained fame and noteriety and rose herself to the position of Co-Sheriff along with Sassa Daisakka as well as running the weekly Bunker of Blues out of the New Flagstaff pond bunker bar.

After many failed romances, Rowdy became entangled in a somewhat scandalous relationship with her non-biological father figure, Chris Westwood, whom she had loved since her revival.

Thoroughly supporting Tee Van Cleef's idea for their extended family to move west away from the plague and broken community of the wastes, Rowdy hastily bid farewell to everything she had worked so hard to accomplish and departed with the Daisakka's and Jonse's.

She and Westwood were married in a small ceremony in San Francisco at her Blues Nightclub.