Before Zombiefying

Main Character Full Name: Natasha Sweeney Nickname(s): Sweeney; Miss Nibbles; Grandma Bessy
Gender: Female
Age: Cloned at 29
Faction: Survivalist Clan: N/A Special Note(s): Zombie...

Physical Appearance: Petite; Red messy short hair; Bright-blue/red eyes; tattoo circling her right eye; prefered baggy pants combat boots a duster and a tophat.

Special Abilities or Skills: Zombie Skills

Personality: Used to be bitchy, trigger happy and act insane as much as possible.

Biography Details: Natasha was one messed up clone, ranging from multiple personality disorder to cannibalism. She soon found Invicta who exposed her to Sex, Drugs and Rock n' Roll. Sweeney grew favor with one of the Lieutenants that went by the name One-Eye. They hit it off like wild-fire. Like all brillant displays, it soon darkened and they split for a bit, she going with a young country girl that wanted her and only her. She could never catch a break and was devastated as Typhus disappeared off the radar. Crawling back to the man that still loved her, she returned to One-Eye.

Sweeney's life came to a tragic end when the brutal plague swept across the lands, killing One-Lifers and Clones alike.

OOC Notes: She be ZOMBIE

Play Along With Issued Bounty?: Yep, just let me know ahead of time if you prefer a different method to PvP.
RP Capture: All for it.
RP Capture Maximum Time: What ever seems fitting.
Assumed RP Torture (fade to black scenario): Yes
RPed Out Torture: I have a strong stomach, have at it.
Romantic RP: She's a whore, have at it, but don't be shocked if I would like to Fade-to-Black when things get a bit heated.
Limb Loss: Have at it.
Permadeath: She was dead until Player of Meka came begging me to bring her back to life (( I'm only half stubborn.))
Preferred Combat Method: PvP but will accept /random with modifers if need be without grumpyness.
Other: Only thing I say be a no go is rape, anything else is fair game.

(( Stole the template from PoVorela((Player of)) I will remove if not wanted. ))