Deuce Sinclair


Name: Deuce Sinclair

Full Name / Nickname / Alias(es): Waffleman

Gender: Male

(Apparent/Estimated) Age: 28

Biological Origin: Beta Clone

Pod of Origin: Mumford

Faction: Vista

Clan: Serenity Falls [RP]

Spec / Job / Role: Deuce is a master chef and an accomplished hunter and farmer. He operates the Waffle Warehouse in Serenity Falls and runs the Chuck Wagon throughout the Plataeu and Northfields.

Residence / Operates out of: Deuce resides in Serenity Falls, where he is a town alderman. But he spends much time on the road.

Players Time Zone: US East Coast

RP Status: I'm a heavy RPer, open to random RP.


Originally a Beta clone built for labour, Deuce was taken in by "Ma" and used as one of her stable of workers she contracted out to pay off her gambling debts.

Once he had worked off his debt to her, Deuce took to the road with his Chuck Wagon. He uses the wagon to meet new people and help the hungry, providing quality meals across the Grand Canyon.

Deuce settled in Hope Springs and took over operation of the local Waffle Warehouse for a time. While he was in hiding from ISMC, the town was attacked and burned to the ground, the woman he loved was exiled and he abandoned the settlement to be with her.

Along with a few other Hope Springs refugees, they settled the ruins of Despair Springs, founding the new settlement of Serenity Falls to exploit the silver deposits recently discovered there.

He continues to run the Chuck Wagon across the Northfields and the Plateau.

Quote: Stew is good for the soul!