Name: Chickenhawk Jones

Full Name: Christopher Shawn Jones, (C.J.)

Spouse: Tee VanCleef

(Apparent/Estimated) Age:' 32

Biological Origin: Killed on duty as a detective on the Drug and Gang unit in San Francisco. Revived in Boneclaw, 2158.

Birthplace / Nationality / Clone Status : Born in Oakland, California. American in nationality.

Faction: C.H.O.T.A

Clan: Legends of the Fall

Spec / Job / Role: Peace Officer, Warrior, Husband and Father

Residence / Operates out of: Relocated to San Francisco in the midst of the plague.

Players Time Zone: PST

Main / Alt: Alts are Chris Westwood, Sassa Daisakka

RP Status: Part time PRvP, currently retired

Origin / Backstory / Details / Need-to-Know: After waking confused and disoriented in Boneclaw, Jones met Rowdy Warpath, then Deputy of the N.F.P.D. who introduced him to the force and secured him a Detecrive job. Though Jones and Warpath were romanticaly linked for a short time, their relationship dissovled and some time later Jones became involved with Tee Van Cleef.

Through his friendship and relationship with Van Cleef, he reconnected to his deeply embedded tribal past. Their relationship quickly progressed to deep love and affection and the couple was married in a small ceremony in Warhall, inspiring Jones to give up his job in order to be with Tee fully.

When the plague struck and it was suspected that his wife was carrying their child, Jones organized the mass exodus of his extended family to his former home of the Bay Area. Jones now serves the SFPD and is anxiously awaiting the birth of his first child, who if it is a girl, will be named after his beloved mother Ja'Nice.


C.J. and Tee