Angeleyes Daisakka

Name: Angeleyes Daisakka

Full Name: Angeles McQueen Daisakka

Spouse: Sassa Daisakka

(Apparent/Estimated) Age: 26

Biological Origin: Not much is known about Angeleyes' original origins. It is believed she is a creation of Gaunt.

Birthplace / Nationality / Clone Status : Revived outside of New Flagstaff in the farmhouse. Possibly of Inuit or Siberian ancestry.

Faction: Neutral

'C'lan: Legends of the Fall

Spec / Job / Role: Former advisor and councilor to the NFPD, now full time mother of two quickly growing twins

Residence / Operates out of: Relocated to San Francisco in the midst of the plague.

Players Time Zone: PST

Main / Alt: Main

RP Status: Part time RPvP, currently retired

Origin / Backstory / Details / Need-to-Know: Angeleyes does not remember nor care to remember about her past. She has been content since marrying Sassa and is even moreso now in the relitive safety of San Francisco with those individuals that made the journey with her. They are her family and all that matters to her.